No Courses for  Aviation Frontliners’ Duration Brief  Description
1 Basic Aviation Security Course 10 days This programme meets ICAO requirements and covers topics that include working in the airport to baggage, passenger, cargo, aircraft and tarmac security as well as terrorism
2 X-Ray Screeners Course, using Safe Passage X-Ray Certification System 1 days This computer-based training and certification programme is approved by the Transportation Security Administration (US)
3 Security Awareness for Employees 1 day This is an interactive course especially for Non-security personnel to understand their role in preventing crime and terrorist activities in the workplace
4 Passport Verification Course 2 days A specialized course to teach Security personnel to read security features in international passports and identify forged passports and other tell-tale signs for anti-asylum seekers and potential terrorists
5 Understanding Explosives 1 day An interactive course that explains the fundamentals of explosives used by terrorists and how to recognize and handle such threats
6 Basic Cargo Warehouse Security Course 3 days This course teaches the fundamentals of cargo security that include warehouse security measures as well as the ICAO recommended “Regulated Agent Regime”
7 Tactical Profiling Course 3 days This course is a specialized programme that will give techniques for the study of body language and special questioning techniques to identify suspects and the protocols
8 Bomb Threat Handling 1 day This course will train participants on how to handle a bomb threat, including search and evacuation techniques.