No Courses for  Aviation Executives Duration Brief  Description
1 Aviation Security  for Management 5 days Covers all aspects of aviation, including airport and airline security programmes as well as risk assessment and management
2 Airline Security Course 5 days Specialised course covering all aspects of airline security including  passenger, baggage, cargo and aircraft security as well as airlines obligations under ICAO Annex 17
3 Security Risk & Audit Management 5 days A hands –on course that teaches participants the fundamentals of conducting a risk assessment using an internationally approved process and how to prepare risk assessment report
4 Crisis Management Course 5 days This course is a specialized programme that teaches participants on how to manage a crisis in the organization, including relatives, victims, staff and media management. An exercise will follow.
5 Security Consulting Skills Course 3 days This is for those who wish to become security consultants. It teaches topics on designing a facility security plan, effective deployment of security technology in a facility etc
6 Airport Investigators Course 3 days An intensive course covering the roles, key areas of concerns, crime and investigation techniques and how to put up investigation papers
7 Airfreight Security Regime (RAR) 2 days This course introduces the fundamentals of the ICAO recommended Regulated Agent Regime in detail and covers the concept, requirements, planning, study and Implementation processes